May 23, 2018

LAIR - Passage (Open Ear Exclusive)

Our latest Open Ear '18 preview comes from one of the more enigmatic performers on the line up, LAIR. With a varied recording and performing history including aliases such as Luminousound and Laura Kitty, the music of LAIR is as equally mysterious as its maker. A nomadic composer, vocalist and artist LAIR's music incorporates mysticism, sacred geometry and energy as she manipulates her voice to create droned textures and rhythmic soundscapes, notably on the LAIR debut 12" released via Lakker member Eomac's Eotrax label.

LAIR will perform during our Sunday afternoon exploration of Sherkin Island, where she will share the bill with Gavin Prior in the island's Community Hall...but before that she has kindly offered us an unreleased piece entitled "Passage", a suitable title as we make our own passage across the island for Open Ear.