April 24, 2018

A note on last Saturday - Ears Open, Dublin

Our Ears Open event(s) took place across last Saturday (21st of April) in Dublin City. We were over the moon with how it all went and have a few words to say on it below...

The idea for Ears Open was born out of the question - how can we better share new stuff amongst our community? Whether it’s new ideas, new music, new technology or new skills.

We have an incredible amount of talent surrounding us, the level of new making, thinking and toying in our creative communities is something we think goes unrecognised internationally and in Ireland... so Ears Open was a small way to bring all that talent together and give it a stage.

We say a small way because in the grand scheme of things this event was just a drop in the ocean of work being done to support creative communities.

This is why we are so grateful to A4 Sounds for partnering with us, not just because they’re close friends, Andy Edgar and Lisa Crowne have literally helped us build the festival!… also because of the awesome work they do supporting the music and the artists we love!

We'd like to give a special thanks to all those who participated in both events - the artists, musicians, teachers and Djs and also to the punters who listened, danced and got involved in various ways throughout the day and night...

A big shout out also to Barry, Tom and Soundsystem Steve at Jigsaw for having everything run so smoothly (and sound great) at the nighttime party.

Thanks to Alec, Helen and Emma for documenting the daytime event and Marc Cadden for sorting us out with some free beer too!

Finally, big thanks to everyone who donated their time and energy to making Ears Open come together as well as it did; Jack, Lua, Laura, Ciara, members of A4 Sounds and Dublin Digital Radio and the Its Okay design team.

We are feeling totally invigorated after the weekend and are more excited than ever for the forthcoming Open Ear on June Bank Holiday Weekend. We're looking forward to catching up with some of you again then!

Team OE xx