March 23, 2018

Eomac Dj Set @ Open Ear '17

As we come near to the end of our dig into the 2017 archives we go look back to the future with Eomac's dj set from Friday night of last year's festival (does that sentence make sense? Hmmm). From noise to ferocious abstract techno, to gut clenching acid and even a lil bit of italo along the way Eomac showed the OE dance floor why he's become one of the leading lights in Irish electronic music over the last decade. Looking to the future (geddit now?)  Eomac will be joining us again at this year's festival as one half of Lakker, alongside Arad, for a live performance that will no doubt show us why this duo have become so revered by the international techno community.

We'll continue to look into the future next week we announce another special Open Ear event, so keep dem eyes peeled!