April 10, 2018

Exploring the island - New venues for OE '18

For anyone who has attended our previous weekend adventures on Sherkin you will know how intrinsic the island is to the festival. Simply put, Open Ear would not exist as it does anywhere else in the country. Throughout the last ten months since OE ‘17 we have been visiting the island regularly and planning on how we can bring Sherkin and Open Ear closer together. Some of you may have noticed on our flyers and posters a few circles dotted around the graphic of the island and today we are start our reveal of the sites that will play their part in Open Ear 2018…

St Mona’s Church

The first of our new locations for 2018, St Mona’s Roman Catholic Church was erected in 1820 and is still in use to this day. This traditional 19th century construct will play host to live music, the kind of which we’ve never had at the festival before.

Sherkin Island Community Hall

Another of our new locations, the local community hall will be in use throughout the weekend for a selection of live performances and Art and Video installations.

Thursday Opening Concert and Sleep Concert.

We’re going to keep the locations of these under wraps for now (along with a few other surprises) but all we will say for now is that your feet alone will not get you to the site of the Opening Concert...

The Jolly Roger

A mainstay of the festival since the beginning we will once again decamp to its revitalising confines on the Sunday afternoon for a selection of live and Dj performances. Hopefully the horse will be knocking about again too for the buzz.

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