May 17, 2018

Getting There...Getting On...Getting It...

We know that Sherkin Island, as idyllic as it is, ain't the easiest place in the country to get to. But we really think it's worth it. With all this in mind we want to make your trip to the Island as stress free as possible - and as cost effective too. 

Travelling to Sherkin
First off, and most importantly - Getting to Baltimore, where you catch your ferry to Sherkin. 

For those of you who don't want to drive we will be putting private coaches on from St Patrick's Quay in Cork City down to Baltimore. These will run on Friday at Midday & 18.30 and again on Saturday at 11am. They will return to Cork City on Monday at Midday and 2pm. The price is €20 RETURN. Please note that we don't run a service on Sunday and no public transport runs between Baltimore and Skibereen, the closest town that public transport serves on Sunday that'll get you back to Cork City.

We will supply some taxi numbers closer to the date to help people out if they become stuck on the Sunday. Skib is just a 10-15 minute drive from Baltimore, and cabs aren't expensive down there, we promise. 

All major bus companies (AirCoach / City Link / Dublin Coach) that operate to Cork land on St Patrick's Quay, where our connector bus leaves from, so if you are unfamiliar with Cork you won't have to walk more than 60 seconds to get the bus. Only Bus Eireann doesn't land on that quay but it literally lands across the river, no more than a 3 minute walk away.

If you are travelling to Cork by train, the city station (Kent) is located on Lower Glanmire Road, just a couple of minutes in a cab down to St Patrick's Quay.

You may ask, why we aren't running buses from other cities in the country? The truth is because all options that we perused and were open to us  actually resulted in being more expensive for you, the punter, so we decided that with festivals being a not-cheap weekend away we'd try and save you guys a few pennies :)

To purchase tickets for the Cork - Baltimore bus click HERE

Ferry to Sherkin 
Thursday - Standard ferry times will run on this day, which you can see the timetable of HERE 
We will be running TWO extra ferries though. One at 7pm, which will be the latest one if you are to catch the Opening Concert and also one at 11.45pm if you are feeling eager to get yourself set up on Sherkin before the full weekend starts. 

We will be running ferries back to back all day on Friday until 11.30pm. It's just a 10 minute ride across the water so you won't have long to wait / travel to get yourself over to Sherkin once you land in Baltimore. If you haven't bought a ferry ticket with your Weekend Pass, they will cost €12 (return) on the day. Be warned thought, the last ferry WILL NOT hang around. They really go out of their way to put on so many ferries to accommodate us, so please think of this when travelling down, especially if you are doing so later in the evening. 

Saturday & Sunday
There will also be frequent ferries on Saturday too, the last of which will leave Baltimore at 8.30pm. Normal ferry times that are on the above timetable will operate on Sunday

As on Friday there will be a back to back Ferry service running until the early afternoon. We won't hurry you off the Island, Monday mornings at festivals aren't always the most pleasant of times after all, but ferries will be more infrequent the later on in the day it gets. 

Camping, eating, washing yourself & having the odd tipple.  
We are NOT suggesting you try to do all these 4 things at once. We're pretty sure its impossible anyways. But still, don't. But this is all regarding a few things when you are actually on the site. Open Ear is a BYOB festival. There are NO restrictions on where you can bring your drinks on the main North Shore site. We do ask you to refrain from drinking in the Community Hall and St Mona's Church. And the Jolly Roger serves decent pints, so leave yer own tipple on the site when yer heading down there.

Camping is plenty spacious, it's one element that we are really happy about, you won't be piled up on top of others. There will be showers and toilets available, all for free.

If you like your creature comforts we also have Bell Tents available from Silk Road Camping. They are approx €80 (without bed) to €120 (with bed) per person. To look at what they have to offer click HERE We can also guarantee that Open Ear offers these Bell Tents cheaper than any other festival in the country, upwards of 50% cheaper than some. 

Our food vendors will cater for all dietary needs and much of the food will be sourced locally (well, Cork local, like) and ethically.

We also have an FAQ which you can read HERE
Also we have Accessibility and Environmental Policies of which you can read about HERE

You can download the full line up for the festival HERE

Finally, here is a downloadable PDF which more concisely covers what we've been talking about, but we figured it was no harm to go into detail for y'all.

TIPS & INFO for OE'18

Last but not least, if yer starting to get those festival tingles, tickets for our Opening Concert and full Weekend Passes are available to purchase HERE

Thanks for reading!
Team OE xx