November 24, 2017

Hello again!

It’s kinda hard to believe that it has been 6 months since we decamped to Sherkin for the second edition of Open Ear. And so as the leaves turn to gold and gently float to the ground while the evenings close in around us, what better time to start revisiting some past memories and also start looking to the future…

First off, we want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who made this year’s festival such a special occasion. The crowd, the performers, the crew, the locals, the security, the volunteers; we’d be here all day listing off everyone individually but rest assured, yer all mad sound and we got big love for y’all.

Secondly, we’ve re-jigged our website a small bit. Some of you have been enquiring about recordings of performances at this years festival, and over the coming weeks and months we will be posting a selection of these in the MUSIC section. To get things started you can head over there now and check out The Cube of Unknowing’s mesmerising live performance from the Saturday afternoon...

On the visual side of things, we’ve made a selection of images from the first two editions of the festival. We’ve opted against loading up with every picture we could find, so instead there’s a choice selection of pictures to peruse to help re-jig those memories and see what L’Oasis looks like without a massive queue coming out of it. Head on over to VISUAL for that. We’ve also uploaded some of the live visuals from the weekend including the work of the Digital Druids into one video clip over at the SHERKIN page. Check ‘em.

Open Ear merchandise is also available now, over at our Big Cartel page

And last but not least...Open Ear will be returning to Sherkin Island on the June Bank Holiday Weekend, 2018.

That’s it for now!

Team Open Ear xx