May 15, 2018

Lerosa - Rainbow Monkey (Live) [Open Ear Exclusive]

As both a producer and Dj  Lerosa somehow manages to be both highly revered yet also be criminally under-rated. Hardly anyone else on any of our Open Ear line ups can boast such an impressive roster of labels to have released their music.  Debuting on the legendary D1 Recordings was a better start than many get; Further Records, the Seattle based go-to for all things on the outskirts of electronic music kick started their imprint with his Dual Nature tape album; Ostgut Ton, Uzuri, Ferox and Idle Hands have all come asking for his wares. And lets not forget his releases for Lunar Disko and Apartment. A career that flits between sleek deep house, acid tinged electro, weirded out dub, boogie tinged disco and near-synth pop, Lerosa may bisect many genres yet his music always remains distinctly his own. And yet his festival appearances, indeed even his club performances, are few and far between. 

His last live outing was in the Dublin Unitarian church late last year where he debuted a full set of brand new, unreleased ambient music, of which our exclusive track is culled. Never one to sit on his laurels, Lerosa will again be creating a whole new live set especially for Open Ear. Veering away from ambient to more beat focused material, this live set promises to see him delve into his most left-field, wigged out influences for another new excursion in his continuously evolving career.