April 10, 2020


Hello again!
We hope this finds everyone and your loved one safe and sound, in what is such strange and unique times we are currently experiencing. While we won't be able to offer any respite to all this on the island this year we can, for now, take a look back on some of the hightlights of OE '19. Late night rowdiness sits side by side experimental live performances as we feature recordings from Rising Damp, Club Comfort, BB84, Jennifer Walshe, Kenny Hanlon, Tousist, Lolz and Prun.
Please find these recordings over at our SOUNDCLOUD PAGE

We hope these brings back some good memories (or introduces you to some artists & djs!) and we're already under way with early preperations for OE' 2021; in times like this we need to dream of a better, brighter future. 

Take care, 
Team OE xx