May 27, 2017

Naive Ted - Death of Me

Aaaand we got some more new music for y'all. And by new we mean NEW as Naive Ted handed this one over the moment he got it back from being mastered. Pretty damn sound of him, if you ask us. Our hype levels are right into the red for this wrestling lovin' turntablist slash genre decrying maker of far flung beats and psychedelic whatnow?. His live shows are incendiary and unique and if this sneak preview slice of new gear is anything to go by, oh lordy is the Open Ear tent gonna be losing control of it's bodily functions.

Once a man called Deviant who originally wow'd us with his fancy ways around a set of turntables he has relentlessly pursued new avenues of how to create music, using samplers, beat machines, turntables, laptops and other gear that I don't really know enough about to talk about properly.  Eschewing the notion that this type of music can't be presented with drama, humour and a real physical presence, what is now Naive Ted and what he represents is part of why we want to do our festival.