May 13, 2017

New additions to the line up!

Everything Shook
Recovery Position
Al Blayney

Eschewing traditional festival promotion rules of sticking "and much more tbc" at the bottom of the poster and then adding nothing, we did some re-jigging and juggling of the schedule & timetable and realised we could move a few more acts from our Want 'em list to our Got 'em list. We hope you dig it!

And we've got a pretty varied selection of acts too. Dublin based 3-piece Everything Shook did their thing for us at our Ears Open party back in March, so we're looking forward to bringing their unique meshing of electronics and theatrics to the island. Keeping it on a live tip we've also got Caskré and Recovery Position, both of whom will be showcasing their individual take on techno and electro - and whatever else they decide conjure up from their machines. 

On the Dj front mynameisJOhn, the beat maker behind Limerick's greatest ever hip hop export Rusangano Family, will be paying little heed to genres, filtering all sorts through his impeccable hip hop style. Al Blayney is part of the Appian Sounds crew, a record label based concurrently out of Dublin and London which has featured a combination of homegrown and international artists, casually moving from genre to genre with ease throughout its releases.

Finally we've also got the Dabbledoo boys, who are going to bring something a little different to the party, delivering their innovative platform for music education and learning direct to the Open Ear audience.