March 01, 2019

Open Air - DDR // Lerosa - Live @ Open Ear // Ambulance - Greasy Combover video


For the last 2 months we have been continuing our partnership with Dublin Digital Radio with a new monthly show, Open Air, that is going to run  until this year's festival takes place over the June Bank Holiday weekend.
Open Air will feature live recordings from the festival, guest mixes and interviews with past and future participants alongside highlighting some of our favourite electronic and experimental musicians & recordings from the Irish scene and beyond. 
Each month will be hosted by different members of the Team. January was hosted by Chris & Laura while this February's edition was hosted by Vicky Langan.

You can stream Vicky's below or head over to the DDR mixcloud HERE to listen to the January edition which featured recordings from Cholera House & Belacqua alongside a wonderful interview with Flowers at Night.


As many of you are already aware, we launched our record label last year with the Combover 12" by Ambulance. Dunk Murphy (that would be one half of Ambulance) has also made a landscape traversing video to go along with the Greasy Combover track, which you can watch below read more about below...

"I remember seeing Bjork’s video for ‘Joga’ (still her best work I reckon) some twenty odd years ago and thinking it was a clear realisation of how I hear a lot of the music I like - shifting landscapes kinda collapsing along to the twists in the music - I suppose that must have been an influence on the vid for Greasy Combover. Digital artist Noah Bradley ( ) had just released 18Gbs of reference photography of landscapes taken on his travels around the globe: Iceland, Australia, Switzerland and the wiki wiki Wild West of the US. I decided to download them and mess about with them a bit. I did a lot of colour channel work in Photoshop to give them a sense of heightened reality. So I was left with a bank of stills to somehow corral into a video.

Theatre projectionist extraordinaire Jack Phelan had showed me this cool trick of fooling Adobe Premier into morphing photos together: slowing footage down to 1% using the Optical Flow technique. You’d normally use this on regular footage as the software tries to fill in missing frames between very similar images as best it can algorithmically. However when you butt two very different photos up against each other and get Premier to fill in the blanks it gets a bit confused and throws out these very glitchy animations.

So I had hours of these bits of footage that were pretty laborious looking. So to give some kind of rhythm to the footage and get it to sync up to the music I loaded the clips into Jitter software and kinda performed along to the audio with the progress bar. Jitter isn’t very good at hi-def photographic stuff so the end result is a bit gnarly.

In terms of the music, ’Greasy Combover’ was made by splicing lots of different synth recordings together; each one with its own colour. So I suppose there’s some kind of cohesion between the audio and the visual but that’s a quagmire of subjectivity to get into before I’ve had my dinner." - Dunk Murphy

You can purchase Combover EP on vinyl / digital at our Bandcamp


Finally for today, we have a recording from Lerosa's Sunday evening set from last year's Open Ear. Perfectly timed for the amazing dusk we witnessed, downtempo meshes into dub before going deep on the electro in a live set that was specially created for the North Shore...