January 23, 2018

Open Ear 2018 Programme & Tickets now available!

Greetings everyone and welcome to our new website! It's been all go in the OE offices over the last few weeks in preparation for this announcement of the 2018 edition of Open Ear. From trips to the island in the dead of winter (and even getting stuck there), to meeting and chatting with artists of many disciplines far and wide, to last minute dottings of i's and crossing of t's we're super hyped to deliver the first - and not the last - of our major announcements pertaining to the festival.

Open Ear 2018 will feature performances ranging from that of revered avant-garde composer Roger Doyle, internationally renowned techno duo Lakker, tape throb specialist The Cyclist, acclaimed multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Aine O’Dwyer - who will be creating an exclusive performance for the festival - and a gathering of the notorious Wah Wah Wino crew in the shapes of Wino Wagon, Little Movies, Davy Kehoe and Who’s The Technician, amongst many other.

For the first time we will be staging an opening concert on the Thursday night, at a yet to be announced secret location on the island. This will be just one part of our further explorations of Sherkin as the home of Open Ear, as we integrate the festival into the Island's landscapes and community. 

Site specific performances, exclusive collaborative work, installations and new areas of performance will expand the capacity of the festival’s relationship with the Island. From intimate early morning concerts  through to the - very -  late night party, we are striving to make Open Ear ‘18 our most memorable event yet.

Open Ear 2018

Thursday Night Opening Concert (separate ticketed event)

Roger Doyle / Áine O’Dwyer / Dreamcycles

Weekend Performances

The Cyclist / Whirling Hall of Knives / Autumns / Lakker / Eamonn Doyle / Lerosa / Davy Kehoe / LAIR / Somadrone / Wino Wagon / Mikron / ¡No! / Robert Curgenven / From The Bogs of Aughiska / Barry Major Problems / Don Rosco & Stacks / Minos / Byron / Danny Deepo / Breen / Vicky Langan / Rainfear / Shane O’Meara / Eoin / Endrift / Crevice / Section 5 / Now You’re Swingin' / Little Movies / Flowers At Night / Soft Stone / Barry Lynn / Gavin Prior / Tuuun / Tonnta / Who's The Technician ...plus more TBA

Weekend Passes - €165 Available to purchase NOW:


Thursday Opening Concert - Tickets available from Tuesday, 6th February