June 21, 2018

Open Ear 2018 - Thank You

Now that the dust has finally settled on OE '18, we are sat here again on the North Shore of Sherkin and its - nearly - hard to believe that less than 3 weeks ago this serene corner of the Island was in the full throws of the festival. 

We've been ever so slightly bowled over by the response to this year's Open Ear and we can't express our gratitude enough to everyone who came together to make it such a memorable weekend. Firstly we'd like to give a huge thank you to our attendees and performers - the atmosphere you generated, the respect shown to the Island and it's residents and your willingness to come with us as we try and create something special and different in this magical lil corner of the country; we really hope it's given you memories that will stay with you for a long time to come.  Massive big ups to you all.

We'd also like to take this opportunity to thank and credit everyone behind the scenes who helped bring the festival together and who worked tirelessly over the course of the weekend, from the technicians to the volununteers and everyone else in between. At the top of the list is, of course, Mike & Kathy O'Connor, the owners of North Shore Guesthouse without whose generosity and trust Open Ear would not happen. 

Until next time...

Team OE xx

Open Ear 2018 Credits

Kathy and Mike O’Connor, Bruno the dog – Hosts
Residents of Sherkin Island – Hosts
Chris Chapman – Founder, Director and Producer
Dion Doherty – Programme Director
Kenny Hanlon – Communications Director
Mick Donohoe – Stage Director
Lua Flannery – Volunteers Director
Sara Murphy – Build Director and Designer
Ciara O’Donovan – Décor, Shop and Merchandise

Madeleine Fairbairn – Production and Vendor Management, Artist Liaison

Camille Chapman – Merchandise and Vendors

Jack Brolly – Artist Liaison, Assistant Programming

Frank Sweeney – Installations Programmer / Artist Consultant

Eoin Wickens – Site Manager

Rob Bannon – Shop and Production Support

Marjie Kaley – Volunteer Management

Shawn Warner – Build Crew / Carpenter
Tom Shortall – Build Crew / Carpenter
Jonny Blayney – Build Crew / Carpenter
Tom Hurley – Site Crew
Naoise Doherty – Site Crew & Shop

Laura Du Burca – Signage Design, Creation and Décor
Julia MacConville – Décor
Sarah Richardson – Décor
Ailbhe Walshe – Décor
Sinead McCormack– Décor

Shay Hannon – Technical Consultant, Owner, EQ Audio and Events
Karl McGarvey – Production Manager, EQ
Liam Scruff – Lighting Tech and Show, EQ
Marcin Nowak – Sound Tech, EQ
Kev Freeney – Visuals Tech and Design, Algorithm
Clíona Ní Laoi - Visuals

Tomás O’Brien - Stage Assistant  

Steven Harrington – Production Assistant & Shop

Austin Burke – Print Design and Identity
It’s Okay (Shauna and Simon) – Website Design and Identity

Domhnall MacCodlatain – Logistics

Auntie Suzanne – Shop and Kitchen
Sarah Flanagan -  Shop and Kitchen
Kathleen McDowall - Kitchen, portion control
Rebecca O’Neill - Shop
Sarah Lynch - Shop
Lolz - Shop


Sarah Lynch
Niamh McGuinness
Sasha Wallis
Joan Crosbie
Finn Carraher McDonald
Patrick Curran
Katie O’Neill
Tash Bourke
Aoife Desmond
Diarmuid O’Connor
Sean Bean
Cian Kewle Bates
Cally Harmer
Eimear Walshe
Marija Sapkovaite
Darren Nixon
Luke Daly
Paula O’Leary
Jen Foley
Ricky Fenger
Sinead Kirwan
Sally Dunne
Marcus Kelly
Andy Wilson
Rob Ashe
Beth Garvey
Kate Doherty
Barry Goode
Terry Rushe
Eric Faherty
Lily Farkas
Aybeniz Incesarac
Paul Bluefood