Sunday Day Tickets For OE'19

What's the story?

Yes, OE'19 is just 3 weeks away. Crikey. We're currently en route to the island for the weekend to continue preparations for the June Bank Holiday weekend. As we all know 3 or 4 days camping out and living it up on an Island isn't do-able for everyone and so, as with last year, we are also selling day tickets for the Sun...

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Whale & dolphin watching @ Open Ear

Anyone who has joined us on Sherkin before will agree that the island certainly leaves a lasting mark. You may have spent a morning listening to the Atlantic wash onto Silver Strand or you may have stopped for a while as you walked to the Community Centre to check out an installation or on to the Jolly Roger, who host the always unforgettable Su...

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Open Ear 2019 Playlist

With the second wave of our line up just announced we've compiled a youtube playlist featuring a selection of the artists performing on Sherkin this coming June Bank Holiday Weekend...

Radie Peat - Dark Horse

Ocean Floor - Dream of the Sleeping Stones

Garies - Crash Course

Maria Somerville - Eyes Don't Say It


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Open Ear - A Video Introduction

As we prepare to deliver the fourth edition of our small island adventure we are also aware that there many of you out there for whom Open Ear is still somewhat of an unknown quantity. With that in mind our friend Joseph Ingersoll has made a rather lovely mini-documentary to help introduce to you (or just remind you of) our annual adventure in s...

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Open Air - DDR // Lerosa - Live @ Open Ear // Ambulance - Greasy Combover video


For the last 2 months we have been continuing our partnership with Dublin Digital Radio with a new monthly show, Open Air, that is going to run  until this year's festival takes place over the June Bank Holiday weekend.
Open Air will feature live recordings from the festival, guest mixes and interviews...

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Open Ear 2019 - First wave of acts + tickets are back on sale!


We're hyped to finally announce the first wave of acts to be appearing at this year's Open Ear on Sherkin Island, taking place on the June Bank Holiday Weekend, from Thursday the 30th of May to Sunday the 2nd of June. 
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Open Ear Christmas Party // Dublin +++ Open Ear 2019 Tickets now on Sale!

Well now. Here we are coming to the end of what has been a pretty big year for Open Ear. We don't think we'd envisioned at the beginning of 2018 that we'd have our most successful festival to date, an all day / night Ears Open event in collaboration with A4 Sounds & Jigsaw, a brand new record label, the 2019 edition of the festival ready to ...

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Open Ear presents: Ambulance - Combover EP

Well, well, well. It's been a little while since you've heard from us but that doesn't mean we've been resting on our laurels (ok, we did for a liiiiitle while). We've got some MAJOR news for you today though. Those in attendance at this year's festival may have copped a record on sale at our merch tent by Ambulance. Indeed, some of you may have...

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Open Ear 2018 - Thank You

Now that the dust has finally settled on OE '18, we are sat here again on the North Shore of Sherkin and its - nearly - hard to believe that less than 3 weeks ago this serene corner of the Island was in the full throws of the festival. 

We've been ever so slightly bowled over by the response to this year's Open Ear and we can't express ou...

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The Weekend is upon us!

Alright, alright!

Hopefully this finds you all well and ready for the weekend. For those who attended our Opening & Sleep concerts last night, I hope you enjoyed them as much as we did. We’re pretty stoked with how it all went. After a last minute change of venue, the engrossing fog descending over Roaring Water Bay proved to be a fit...

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