Thursday Night Sleep Concert - Steven Stapleton (Nurse With Wound)

Most of our news updates over the last month or so have focused on our festival archive but its time now to look to the future and we are stoked to announce our latest addition to this year's festival - A very special, intimate Sleep Concert by Steven Stapleton of Nurse With Wound, which will take place on the Thursday night of Open Ear '18.  Continue reading

Simon Conway Dj Set @ Open Ear '17

Simon Conway may be better known these days for the Forza Italo and Out To Lunch parties but for certain factions of the dance floor (and Team OE) he will always be associated with Electric City, the now legendary weekly club night he ran with Giles Armstrong, and his dedication to electro music. When asking him to close the Friday night of last...

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Olan (All City) Dj Set @ Open Ear '17

All City records - and its accompanying store - has risen to prominence over the last 10 years in the Irish electronic music scene, releasing music across the board, from its roots in the beats / hip hop world through to left field house and techno and further beyond. All of this is filtered through Olan O'Brien, who supplied us with a head-soot...

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Silk Road Camping @ Open Ear

Once again this year we will be teaming up with the Silk Road crew to provide some creature comforts for your weekend on the Island. The tents come with a carpeted floor, decorated table and a lantern, plus a selection of bedding  options. These are so comfy some people struggle to make it out of them over the course of a festival weekend.

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Barry Greaves Dj Set @ Open Ear '17

Early on the Saturday afternoon of last year's festival we got a call from Whirling Hall of Knives saying they would be unable to perform on the Sunday night. We quickly threw on our thinking caps to figure out how to fill their late night slot. One of the first names that came to mind was Barry Greaves, arguably one of the country's most under-...

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Open Ear 2018 Programme & Tickets now available!

Greetings everyone and welcome to our new website! It's been all go in the OE offices over the last few weeks in preparation for this announcement of the 2018 edition of Open Ear. From trips to the island in the dead of winter (and even getting stuck there), to meeting and chatting with artists of many disciplines far and wide, to last minute do...

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Cáit Dj Set @ Open Ear '17

As the finale of the festival started to close in on us, Cáit Fahey took to the stage of a packed tent on the Sunday night for the penultimate Dj set of the festival. Rave stabs and breakbeats collide with electro funk, acid squelches and the odd techno classic, priming the dancefloor for the end of the festival in fine, fine style.  


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Paudi Ahern Dj Set @ Open Ear '17

Paudi Ahern went straight on to our list of djs to book the minute we started planning Open Ear 2017. Though he had been lying somewhat low in terms of gigging over the last few years, he is still without doubt one of our favourite djs and in our opinion one of the best in the country. He closed out Saturday night with a 2 hour set that effortle...

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Open Ear '18 Weekend Passes Now on Sale

Just in case you missed our post on Friday, you aren't mistaken, the first batch of Weekend Passes are on sale NOW for Open Ear 2018! We'll be unveiling our line up and location(s) in the new year and we'll be continuing to update our archive later in the week with another exclusive recording from Open Ear 2017. But until then, this is your chan...

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Open Ear weekend passes on sale next Monday morning!

Yes, yes folks, this coming Monday, the 18th of December, we will release the first batch of weekend passes for next year's festival! We're super hyped about Open Ear 2018, our line up and location(s) are coming together nicely, of which we'll have much more details of early in the new year...For now though we are giving you the opportunity to g...

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