April 26, 2018

Shane O'Meara - Open Ear '18 Mix.

With this year's festival slowly but surely coming upon us it's time to profile some of the artists and Djs we have performing over the June Bank Holiday Weekend. One major aspect of Open Ear for us is highlighting those you don't see on festival line ups as often as they could be. Considering the huge amount of festivals across the country now it can still be surprising how much you see the same names pop up over and over again- be it international or local acts, so we do strive to shine some light on those we feel are are just as deserving but may be far from household names...

First up we've got Shane O'Meara, who has been djing and digging for over 15 years and in that time has amassed a collection of records that stretches from obscure 90s techno through to bizarro world Jazz recordings. He is also part of the Lunar Disko Records cabal, one of Ireland's most respected dance music imprints (both here and abroad). Shane was a regular Dj at the Lunar Disko club nights stretching back to the mid 00s  and for the last couple of years has been the labels Dublin foot soldier, holding things down as label founders Andy Doyle and Barry Donovan now currently reside in London and Toronto, respectfully. 

Shane currently hosts the monthly Lunar Disko party in one of our favourite boozers, Anseo of Camden Street, which sees him traverse all sorts throughout the night. For Open Ear we've asked Shane to have a good scurry around his records that bang the box for a late night set on the North Shore stage, and as a little primer he's also recorded a brand new mix for us which touches on classic techno and house right through to hot-off-the-presses electro from Irish artists such as Conan_ and Cignol. Checcckkkk it.