February 22, 2018

Silk Road Camping @ Open Ear

Once again this year we will be teaming up with the Silk Road crew to provide some creature comforts for your weekend on the Island. The tents come with a carpeted floor, decorated table and a lantern, plus a selection of bedding  options. These are so comfy some people struggle to make it out of them over the course of a festival weekend.

One thing we've been super happy about over the last couple editions of the festival is how well behaved our punters have been, and this includes in how they've treated the camping. With that in mind, and as a way of a thank you, we've reduced the prices on all Silk Road options this year. Indeed, we are now cheaper - in some cases, by over 50% - than other festivals that provide this same amenity. All we ask is that they are treated with the same respect that they have been in previous years. 

To book your bell tent camping for Open Ear visit Silk Road HERE.