May 10, 2019

Sunday Day Tickets For OE'19

What's the story?

Yes, OE'19 is just 3 weeks away. Crikey. We're currently en route to the island for the weekend to continue preparations for the June Bank Holiday weekend. As we all know 3 or 4 days camping out and living it up on an Island isn't do-able for everyone and so, as with last year, we are also selling day tickets for the Sunday of this year's festival.

Sherkin island being where it is, your Sunday ticket also allows you to camp on the festival site on Sunday night and it is a bank holiday weekend so hopefully not many of you will have much commitments on the Monday...we certainly wouldn't want to send you packing after the music ends on Sunday night either.

Sunday day tickets are priced at €55 + VAT/Fee and are available right now, just follow that link below:

Team OE xx