June 01, 2018

The Weekend is upon us!

Alright, alright!

Hopefully this finds you all well and ready for the weekend. For those who attended our Opening & Sleep concerts last night, I hope you enjoyed them as much as we did. We’re pretty stoked with how it all went. After a last minute change of venue, the engrossing fog descending over Roaring Water Bay proved to be a fitting and beautiful backdrop for the evening’s proceedings.

Now the weekend is finally here, it’s time to step up the rukus a bit (slowly but surely, mind you).

We please ask you to go over to check our FAQ and double check in there with anything pertaining to getting to and ON to Sherkin. Like, for example, stock up on cigarettes as they aren’t sold anywhere on the Island! It should also cover any queries with regards facilities on site and so forth - we have showers, they are free! You know the score.  

We will need a print out of your ticket or have it on your phone. If you are going to have it on your phone please download it before you get on the island. The reception is pretty good but it can be a bit weak at times and it keeps everything moving faster at registration, so we can get you down to the site and you can get stuck into having the serious buzz ASAP.

We will have Weekend Passes for sale on the gate - cost is €165. 
There will be SUNDAY day passes - €55  (also on the door)
Or you can pre-purchase either HERE

Registration opens at Midday. Music on site starts at 7pm so take some time to take in your surroundings and also you can take a stroll down to the Community Hall where Linda O'Keefe's "Hybrid Soundscapes" installation will be open from 2pm.

Download the weekend's timetable HERE

If you pre-ordered slabs from the Jolly Roger you will be able to collect them on the main festival site at our SHOP.

Most importantly, we want you to have a weekend that you won’t forget. There’ll be head-nodding, booty-shaking, ear-rattling, mind-soothing and who knows what else going on along the way. Enjoy the island, respect the island, have the craic with the residents, they’re a lovely community that whom without their wonderful hospitality Open Ear would not happen. 

Last but most certainly not least, we’ve got our final exclusive contribution from one of this year’s DJs, DDR’s Breen. It’s a party starter. Let’s do this.

Team OE xx