June 01, 2017

Things n' Stuff

Clothing and Footwear

Just like at any festival we all wish for the sun to be splitting the rocks, and we know we had it rather special on the island last year but this is Ireland and this an outdoor festival so we do advise that you pack for all occasions. The festival site is very small and we do have plenty of covered areas but you can never be too careful.

Festival essentials

We do have food vendors on the festival site to cater for all your dietary needs but there is no convenience shop on the island so make sure that you stock up any essentials / toiletries / skins / mixers and the likes. The island does not have an ATM either so be sure to bring as much cash as you need for the full weekend. There are showers on site so bring a towel with you also.

Hanging on the island

One of the highlights of the festival last year was our crowd. Bringing hundreds of revelers to Sherkin was one of the main worries for the residents but they were over the moon with the conduct of everyone. It played a huge part in them giving us the go ahead to bring Open Ear back to this beautiful and unique location. So we ask you be respectful of the land, to not litter or trespass or other such acts of tomfoolery. Say hi and have the chats with the residents you meet, they’ve got a lovely lil community on here and we’re grateful to be a part of it for this one weekend of the year.


The main car park in Baltimore is situated beside the quay where you will be boarding the ferry to Sherkin Island for the festival. We do advise those traveling in cars to make it down early - we know it's a long trip! - to secure parking here, but there is street parking available all over the town so do not stress if the car park is full. Have an eagle-eye out and you’ll be sorted. But also please be mindful of obstructing access for the town's residents!