April 08, 2017

We’re back!

Sooooo… we’re back! Welcome to our new look site, we’re chuffed to bits with it. Have a look around. You can find the usual music festival website stuff on here (links to buy tickets, festival info, artist bios). We think the folks at It’s Okay really knocked it out of the park putting it together, as did our designer Austin, videographer Joey and Eva-Gary-Coilin on our Sherkin page.

As well as all the usual stuff you’d find on the website, we’ll be running this here blog, where we’ll be checking in on artists who played last year to see what they’ve been up to since the festival, as well as meeting some of the good folk of Sherkin Island and updating you on how prep is going for this year’s festival.

And how are we getting on with this year’s prep? Pretty good so far, especially when you take into account the fact that last year we only announced the festival around this time. As you probably know we’ve got the line-up all locked down (we might have a few additions in the coming months), which is one of the main bits of work out of the way (and the most fun).

We’re really pleased with this year’s line-up; we’ve been able to look further afield both geographically, with artists coming from LA, Sweden and London, as well as musically, widening the net to approach artists who we feel confident in booking after the success of last year’s edition. That first edition was populated by friends and friends-of-friends, as we knew they’d be more forgiving of any monumental fuck-ups on our part, which thankfully never materialised.

With the line-up in place we move to the drearier business of getting all the logistical stuff done. This is underway with manys the health and safety/site management plan being co-ordinated from our OE office. That and the ol’ promotion hustle is what we’ll mostly be up to between now and festival time.

Speaking of promo, you may have noticed a distinct lack of spam out of the OE camp in recent weeks. In fact we haven’t really been pushing stuff on social media since the festival’s launch. This is in keeping with our ethos of not overwhelming people with hustler’s invocations to BUY! BUY! BUY! You are gonna see an increase on posting across platforms in the coming months, but we’re gonna be offering insight into the artists, the island and a few other things, alongside some exclusive material to help to get you to know more about the performers and the festival itself. We really hope you dig it.

Ticket sales are going very well so far, which we’re delighted with. Big ups to all those who’ve purchased already.  We’re increasing capacity slightly this year, but don’t worry, we’ve commandeered a field adjoining the site so that we’ll still have that nice roomy buzz so everyone isn’t on top of each other wrecking heads.