Performing live together for the first time in 7 years, Dunk Murphy & Trev O’Reilly’s Ambulance project will be resurrected for the closing night of Open Ear. Having come to prominence in the early 00s with releases on Front End Synthetics and Planet Mu the project was put to the side to allow them to pursue various other solo projects. Don’t be expecting a dusting down of old hard-drives to re-live former glories; with their shared love of jomox drum machines and Nord Modulars, Ambulance will be delivering a performance of brand new material that, in their words, will be “more going out than staying in”.


Magic Pockets

With many a year of live performances behind him, 2016 finally saw the release of the Magic Pockets debut studio long-player “Volcano of the Bleeding Skies” on new Cork label, Penske Recordings. Synthwave, prog and psychedelia are interwoven confidently in a fully realised and captivating sound that’s gonna be a perfect match for the soaring vistas of Sherkin Island, as the sun goes down over the Open Ear site.


Paudi Ahern

Paudi Ahern’s inimitable skills behind the turntables have not been on show much in recent years with the Kerryman focusing his time in the studio instead of in the dj booth. But no one in Ireland cuts, blends and scratches through the dance-floor quite like Paudi, making him a definite go to when we were looking for Djs to bring the party late into the night at Open Ear 2017. Tearing the ‘floor a new one will never look or sound so effortless, yet few can do it like him.


From the abstract to the ambient to the ‘floor, Dreamcycles has been making waves across Dublin club-nights over the last few years whilst also venturing beyond these Dj confines with sound art installation work, in what is looking like just the beginning of many an adventure in tone.



Cáit is one thirds Dip - alongside Robbie Kitt & and Enda Rowan - and all parts killer DJ. One of a slew of new DJs that’s been coming up in Dublin over the last few years, she’s an example of how - outside the big rooms and obvious international fodder - there’s good reason to be getting excited about what is going on in the capital in recent times. Expect fire delivered with class all the way.


Simon Conway

A veteran of promoting, djing and retailing, be it the Electric City club he ran with Giles Armstrong, his Mixed up in the Head dj mix or his time behind the shop counter at Selectah, Conway has left his fingerprints all over underground dance music in Ireland. And now it’s his time to leave those same ‘prints all over Open Ear in the guise of one of his svelte electronix dj performances.

Out To Lunch

Chris Chapman

His party-starting set on the Sunday evening of last year is testament enough as to why his name is on the line up again this year. He also looks like he really enjoys djing.

Naïve Ted

What exactly is a Naive Ted, you may ask. That’s a good question. Some parts performer, some parts turntablist, some parts piledriver of sounds, all else we can say is that you won’t see many performances quite like it for the rest of 2017.



First coming to prominence as one half of Lakker, the last 5 years especially has seen Ian o’ Donnell come to be recognised as a solo artist of formidable stature. Labelling his music as “techno” may be the most obvious suggestion, but it’s also a little bit reductive as his engrossing and intense soundscapes use that tag as a mere jumping off point.  Skewering samples, beats,  accents and melody in a wholly unique style, expect to get a total body workout during his set.  

Eomac's Website


Boss man behind all things All City Records, Olan has built up a formidable back catalogue that no other current Irish label can match. From its roots in hip hop and beat culture the imprint continues to expand in as many directions as you can think of with the LA Series, heavy duty bangers from the likes of Anno Stamm and GB and now the latest Jheri Tracks sub label. The shop is also the hub for vinyl djs and graf artists in Dublin, so we figured we’d show some props to the man behind it all and get him down to spin some records for us.

All City Records

The Smoke Clears

If there was ever a case for sound and setting matching up perfectly we can’t think of a much better one than that of Sherkin Island and John Daly’s The Smoke Clears project. It comes as no surprise that the Cork native lists the sea as one of his main influences; this is vast, heavy music that looks as much to 90s techno as it does to what is construed as traditional ambient influences. We can’t wait to see it come alive along the north shore of the island in June.



You’re doing pretty well if you can count Bap to the Future, Gash Collective, Rap, Trap & Grimey Beats  and a monthly radio show on Dublin’s most exciting station DDR on your CV. And only Galwegian Lolz can do as such. We’re hyped to hear her selections that waver unsteadily between EBM, wave, techno and italo just as much as we’re hyped to see where else she takes her efforts in pushing club nights forward throughout the rest of 2017.


Automatic Tasty

House and techno and their many variations are most notably recognised as music of the urban environment, but Jonny Dillon aka Automatic Tasty, takes it into the countryside to create modern machine music that sounds like it could only be made as far away from concrete sprawls as possible. Classic sounds imbued with an approach that holds little reverence for what’s gone before, AT and OE is a combo were pumped to see happen in June.



An artist like Cignol is exactly why we feel Open Ear is needed in the current Irish musical landscape. For at least a decade now Cignol has been plugging away doing his thing with little to no fanfare. This somewhat runs in tandem with electro, a style of music his productions lean heavily on. But as with said genre, the outside world is starting to take more notice. With recent killer releases on Lunar Disko and AC Records it feels like the perfect time to get him down to the island for a super rare live performance.


The Cyclist

Kinda hard to believe that The Cyclist made his debut way back in 2011 with the tape album, Bending Brass but since then he’s developed his tape throb sound into an instantly recognisable collage of house, noise, techno and psychedelia; be it under the aforementioned name or as Buz Ludzha. We’ve got him off the mainland for a little seen dj set, so we can join the dots between his own sounds and the influences that have helped develop this most individual of producers.


JP Hartnett

JP is a multifaceted performer, taking in everything from drone and techno to solo piano compositions. After his performance as Ordinate last year -  alongside Spaces - 2017 will see him air some of the aforementioned solo pieces, to help the festival and the crowd ease into itself on the Sunday afternoon.


February and Mars

Self styled “analogue disco cadets”, February and Mars are what happens when a love of house, disco, yacht rock and blue eyed soul feeds into an array of vintage synthesisers and droning machines. A finely honed live 4 piece, this is machine music infected with a human heart, on full display for all to see.  


Whirling Hall of Knives

We’re scratching our noggins trying to think if we’ve ever had the chance to experience the brutalist and imposing Whirling Hall of Knives in a live setting. Regardless, we have got our hype on full alert for this performance. The heavier side of electro and techno will go head to head with sheets of white noise and distorted guitar, and to be honest, who knows what else. We sure don’t know yet, and that’s what is making this such a thrilling proposition.


The Cube of Unknowing

A graduate of Trinity’s MMT programme, Francis Heery, aka The Cube of Unknowing, combines has worked extensively as a composer and academic, For Open Ear 17 He will be bringing to the stage his conceptual album Burren Mount, which takes its name and inspiration from a mysterious, anachronous hotel overlooking the waterfront in Salthill, Galway  The album, conceived as a partly decomposed mixtape, weaves together tattered fragments of dissolving synths, blurred rhythms and other sonic visitations, and we can’t wait to see how this translates to the live environment.

Francis' website


A bon viveur of parties far and wide, from the future club sounds of !kaboogie to the raggle taggle of the Gramophone Disco, half the fun of a PCP dj set is that you have no idea what to expect. The other half is letting your body loose on an array of sounds from the present the future and the past, sometimes all of ‘em at the one time.



A Swedish-Irish 4 piece, with a rotating cast harnessed by drummer and composer Dan Walsh. combining the freneticism of Buddy Rich, with the repetition and discipline of Klaus Dinger, the rhythmic underpinning of Fixity’s work allows the other players to explore the limits of their instrument’s tonal range. Duration becomes an integral part as the band weave an intense hypnotic canvas of sound, recreating the tracks from their debut album The Things In The Room to thrilling effect.


Mike Slott

From his early work as one half of Heralds of Change alongside HudMo, to his mini LP Lucky 9teen, Mike Slott helped define the sound of beats in the 21st Century, while sharing slabs of wax with Martyn and bossman Dabrye, he recently dropped his first new material in yonks in the shape of Testing Ground, which marries a lush melodicism, with heavy AF synthwork. Currently based stateside, his set at Open Ear is a rare chance to catch Slott in Ireland.



Danny Deepo crafts tracks using turntables, synths, drum machines and imagination, drawing on traditional Irish music, ambient hip hop, Deepo sticks true to the craft of turntable music, a member of Vince Mack Mahon, and Community Skratch Games regular, Deepo’s recent solo output has been most vividly realised on his head twisting album Sounds From A Living Planet.


Be Honest

Aiming to keep the 4th estate onside, we’ve got not one but two journalists playing this year’s festival. kidding! kidding! While Ian Maleney does write lovely prose for many top outlets, while maintaining his website Fallow Media’s revolutionary approach to presenting work online, his music casts visions of somnambulant depths, using a wide variety of instruments and techniques to deliver his sound, his performance at this year’s Open Ear will be built on a research trip to Sherkin he undertook before the festival.

Fallow Media

Gadget and the Cloud

The second of our poachers-turned-gamekeeper’s  is Kelly Doherty aka Gadget and the Cloud, whose work melds gorgeous melodic textures with gently head-nodding beats her first release, October 31st, consisting of beatless pieces, while her latest uploads to soundcloud suggest her work is moving in a more rhythmic direction.


Robert Curgenven

Cork-based, Australian-born, Robert Curgenven sculpts air with sound. His work uses sound as a physical field of perception to encourage us to consider our physical experience of sound through our bodies, the space they inhabit and also the psychological shaping of time and duration by the auditory. For him sound is weather and his work entreats us to feel and hear air. His live performances, installations and album releases span pipe organ through to feedback, immersive resonances via turntables and custom-made vinyl, as well as carefully detailed field recordings from remote areas in Australia where he lived for many years.  

Robert's website

Au Fake

Au Fake are a London based Iranian - Irish duo that blend synthesis, vocals, live instrumentation and samples to create tracks that intend to flow like streams of consciousness.

Eva – Gary – Coilin

We wanted to try and capture some of the visual magic of Sherkin for our new website so we figured there was no better way to get this going than to get a few artists on board who attended the festival last year. Enter - Eva – Gary – Coilin

Using a range of sources, including original footage shot on Sherkin Island, archive footage, newspaper clippings, images of romantic Ireland (The Quiet Man, Man of Aran, Into the West) and nautical symbols and images, these series of videos invite you to escape the grind of daily life and to find yourself, on your idyllic island retreat.  

A waitress, a construction worker and a printer

Get in touch at:

Unit 5, 65 Crumlin Road, Dublin 12


The moniker of beat maker and Dj from Limerick’s Rusangano Family, mynameisjOhn approaches music and djing with a hip hop sensibility but with results that venture much further afield. With djs sets that include everything from Sun Ra to Cabaret Voltaire to Goblin to Mark Pritchard, his performances are an open book that can and will go anywhere.


Everything Shook

This 3 piece from Dublin last year dropped their debut album  "Drinking About You", a collection of songs curated around themes of late nights, objectification, alcohol, disenchantment and big cities. Delivering theatrical performances combined with their use of varied electronic equipment & sounds and layered vocals, Everything Shook create a wholly unique aesthetic and there will be little else like them at this years festival

Everything Shook website.

Al Blayney

Rounding up our roster of Djs for this year's festival is Al Blayney, part of the Appian Sounds record label. Concurrently ran out of Dublin and London Appian Sounds has featured a combination of homegrown and international artists, casually moving from genre to genre with ease throughout its releases. Al will be digging deep into his collection to help soothe the heads early on Saturday. 

Appian Sounds


DabbledooMusic is an award-winning music education programme put together by Shane McKenna and Killian Redmonk. Using colour-coding, animated notation and a range of characters, DabbledooMusic aims to get schoolchildren composing and performing tunes together in a highly engaging way, introducing them to everything from trad and jazz, to hip-hop and techno. But kids can't have all the fun, so the lads are putting together a very special workshop for Open Ear 2017 that will get the festival audience jamming together like pros.

Dabbledoo website

Recovery Position

Recovery Position is the new dance-floor focused project from Simon Mathews, who has previously made tunes under the name Ventolyn & Becotyde, and recently released a killer limited run 7" under the name IXRQ. The new material takes in influences from Techno, Electro & EBM, and the live show was one of the highlights of this year's Community Scratch Games in Galway

Cliona Ni Laoi

Chaotic film maker and live visual artist, Clí composes other-worldy imagery at the intersection of sight and sound. Working closely with musicians, experimental video techniques and analogue film-making, she distorts with psychedelic processes that slip you into a lucid dream.

Cliona's website


Dark murky beats banged out on the most beat up controllers you'll ever see, Open Ear 17 will be one of the last chances to catch the current iteration of this live set from Caskre, Gash Collective member and a unique new voice in Irish electronic music.