The Open Ear festival is as much a celebration of the unique and beautiful island of Sherkin as it is a platform to present the best of the Irish electronic and experimental music scene. If you were lucky enough to witness Áine O’Dwyer's "Accompaniment for Captives" performance at Horseshoe Bay at the 2019 edition, you will have an inkling of just how special a part the island can play in shaping both the music and performances of Open Ear.

Presented on this page is a live audio stream of Sherkin Island's north shore, not far from the festival site. Riotous and noisy during the annual event, for the rest of the year, Sherkin North Shore is a tranquil place where the waters of Roaringwater Bay meet the island.

We recommend listening to the stream on quality headphones or stereo speakers. Note that some digital noise is present on the stream. We hope this doesn't detract from the sounds we want you to hear. For best results, listen in the morning or early evening.

The stream is presented using customized open source software provided by the Locus Sonus Stream Project. The Locus Sonus sound map offers a worldwide network of open microphones that permanently stream local soundscapes to the internet. Find the Locus Sonus sound map here.

This Sherkin Island sound stream was installed by Aidan Reilly.