We will be running buses from Dublin & Cork City to Baltimore Pier on Thursday (Cork only), Friday, Saturday (Cork only) returning Monday. Alternatively, you can drive to Baltimore.

For all information on these private buses visit our Travel & Accommodation page.

Tickets for these buses will be available HERE Return - €20 One Way - €12

We suggest the following public bus options from Galway and Limerick to make sure you reach Cork in time to catch our connecting bus to Baltimore Pier:

Galway - Cork

Friday 31st
Citylink from Coach Station 
8:30 or 9:30am will get you down in time for 12 OE bus
2.30 will get you down in time for 6.30 OE bus

Limerick - Cork

Friday 31st
Citylink from Henry St.
9.50 Will get you down for 12 OE bus
3.50 will get you down for 6.30 OE bus


Of course you can, but you can't bring your vehicle on to the island.
There is parking throughout Baltimore village, not just beside the pier. Below is a map with the black lines being in the optimum parking spots. It is VERY important that it is a legal parking spot and that you aren't blocking any entrances / exits for residents or businesses of the village. We suggest you drive down to the pier, drop off your passengers and luggage and then get parked up. 



How do I get my ticket?

It should be in your E-mail. We will check it from your phone or bring a print out.

Sunday day tickets

People with Sunday day tickets are also welcome to camp on Sunday night. Alternatively there will be boats running back to Baltimore at 11pm and 1am. 

What transport is there from Open Ear Registration to the Campsite/Open Ear Tent?

Buggies: Attendees can be driven to the festival site  from registration on one of our fancy buggies - it costs €3.

Walking: It's a beautiful 30 minute walk from Open Ear Registration to the Campsite/ Open Ear Tent. We will be providing a van to transport luggage so you don't have to carry heavy gear.

When does the festival open?

For those attending the Thursday night events, 5pm on Thursday. 
For those with Weekend Passes,12pm on Friday. 
If you don't have a ticket for the Opening Concert on Thursday you will not be allowed on site until Friday morning. 

When does the last ferry leave Baltimore for Sherkin on Friday night?

11.30pm. This will not hang around for late arrivals. The ferry company is already accommodating us with more sailings than on an average day / weekend.

Are there any age limits?

All persons must be of age of 18 or above. With regards to young children, we are happy for them to come along during the day however we don't recommend having children in the Open Ear campsite or site at night. And they must be accompanied by an adult at all times. 

Can I bring my dog to Open Ear?

No. Nor your cat either.

What accommodation is available at the festival?

Open Ear is a camping-only festival. The camping is included in your ticket or you can splash out on a Silk Road Bell Tent which you can hire from HERE

Can I bring my Campervan to the Open Ear Campsite?


Is there an ATM at Open Ear?

No - the closest ATM is at Baltimore, so make sure to withdraw cash before you embark for the Island.

Can I bring my car on to Sherkin Island?


Is there parking at Open Ear on Sherkin?


Can I cook in the campsite?

Yes - there will be a designated cooking area for campers.

Will alcohol be sold at Open Ear?

Open Ear is a BYOB festival, and you can carry your alcohol with you between the camping areas and the main North Shore performance areas. We ask you to refrain from bringing alcohol into Sherkin Community Hall, St Mona’s Church and the Jolly Roger pub.

Drugs Policy

No illegal drugs are permitted on to the festival site at any time. Any illegal substances found will be confiscated and you will be asked to leave the festival. We want everyone to enjoy themselves in as safe an environment as possible.

Is there a grocery shop on Sherkin Island?

No - make sure to bring everything you need (eg, tobacco, toiletries, cuisine de france bread rolls) 

Will there be food vendors at the festival?

Yes, there will be a variety of vendors catering for all dietary needs on the main North Shore site.

What essential equipment should I bring?

A Torch
A Rubbish Bag
Good Shoes
Good Tent

Are there showers at the festival?

Yes, and they are free!

Will there be medical care on-site?

We have a First Aid center and an evacuation plan in the case of an emergency

When does the festival close?

Check out from the festival is 11am on Monday morning. 

Can I leave my tent behind on Monday morning?

No! We understand that the Monday morning of a festival isn’t always the most pleasant of times but we INSIST you bring your belongings with you. This is somebody’s private land / home, it is not a dumping ground for your leftovers. Please think of this on Monday morning. We will be keeping an eye out for this too.  

Terms & Conditions

Please read our full T&C HERE