Radie Peat

Be it as a solo performer or as member of Lankum and Rue, in recent years Radie Peat has deftly risen to prominence as one of the most important voices in Irish folk music. A multi-instrumentalist and singer, Peat’s music explores not only Irish traditional music but that of America and the English speaking world. A stirring and evocative presence, Peat & her music should find a fitting accompaniment in Sherkin Island, where it can sometimes feel like time is standing still.


Garies are a band from North Dublin whose music has been likened to that of a drunk Carl Craig. One half New Jackson, one half Lumigraph and all Garies, this partnership delivered one of the finest Irish albums (nae, finest albums full stop) of 2018 in the form of Dull Clunk, an engrossing exploration through the duos machines, that managed to keep both their identities intact while creating something entirely its own. It’ll be no mean feat trekking all the way down to Sherkin with their banks of gear either, but we’re 100% confident it’ll be worth everyone’s while.

Patrick Kelleher and His Cold Dead Hands

Patrick Kelleher is an electronic musician, singer, producer and live-wire performer based outta Dublin town. Along with His Cold Dead Heads, Kelleher’s sound has been characterised at various times by either ghostly visions of 80s Synth-Pop and new wave, or more recently, the more vigorous sounds of acid house and proto techno from Europe, all the time accompanied by his own intimating vocal styles. Travelling from the Balkins to Brazil and central Europe to the UK, Patrick will now make the journey to the North Shore accompanied by frequent collaborator and some-time Nurse With Wound member Brian Conniffe.  

Jennifer Walshe

Jennifer Walshe is a composer, vocalist and performer. Her work has been performed all over the world by ensembles such as Alter Ego, ensemble recherche, Ensemble Resonanz, Apartment House, Crash Ensemble, Con Tempo Quartet, The Rilke Ensemble, The Irish Chamber Orchestra, Musica Nova Consort, and The Scottish Chamber Orchestra. In addition to her activities as a composer, Jennifer frequently performs as a vocalist, specialising in extended techniques. Her most recent project, Historical Documents of the Irish Avant-Garde, involved the creation of a fictional history of the musical avant-garde in Ireland. This history spans 187 years, and is housed at aisteach.org, the website of the Aisteach Foundation, a fictional organisation which purports to be “The Avant-Garde Archive of Ireland.

Woven Skull

Woven Skull is a multi-instrumental gathering where the woods and the bogs of the Irish countryside are as much an inspiration - and studio - as anything more traditional or obvious on offer. The atmospheric surroundings of Sheemore, near where Woven Skull was first forged has helped create a music which is, all at once,  minimal, repetitive, distorted, ugly and beautiful..

A band for which the term “and the kitchen sink” may actually ring true, this trio have spent several years experimenting with combinations of instrumentation, household objects, kitchen utensils, seashells, footsteps, chimes, recordings of cats purring and frogs mating while developing a sound that was described as being like “a Turkish Velvet Underground.” Make of that what you will, if you dare.

J Colleran

A melodic ambient reaching great heights, J Colleran‘s work dignifies both nature and life itself. The neo-classical tones on Gardenia, his debut album, are integrated with digital glares that achieve an ambient music both cinematic and well integrated with  a string quartet. Colleran’s work is accompanied by resplendent visuals from a cream of video artists among them Nic Hamilton, who has worked with Actress, and MultiMulti with Daniel Swan. Following the release of Gardenia we see him moving from that space into others, releasing ‘Infra01 on Mumdance’s wide-ranging Shared Meanings Compilation.

Expect a brand new live performance from J Colleran at OE'19.

Maria Somerville

With a reputation for enthralling live shows, by the time Open Ear ‘19 has come around Maria Somerville’s debut LP All My People will have been released into the world, a collection of works recorded across the country from Dublin to Inis Óirr. Drones, post-punk, glacial pop and folk all vie for room in Maria’s tales of doomed romance and bittersweet love stories; intimate tales sometimes shrouded in a ghostly etheral glaze but never without crystalline glimpses of hope.  

Fran Hartnett

With a life spent in the world of techno that harks all the way back to being a resident at the legendary Genius night in The Kitchen in the late 90s, Fran Hartnett has continued to hone his craft both in a club and in the studio, with his uncompromising take on the harder edges of techno finding fans all over the world, including some of the most important names in the sound such as Planetary Assault Systems and Surgeon. For his trip to the island Fran will be delivering a special live performance that will be definitely making a claim for causing the most bass vibrations to travel the waters of the bay over to Heir Island -  we do like to keep them on their toes over yonder during the weekend.

Donal Dineen

What hasn't been said about Donal Dineen at this stage is probably not worth saying. One of the most influential Irish broadcasters / journalists / Djs of the last 30 years, Donal is returning for his second appearance at the festival after he played our inaugural Jolly Roger Sunday party in 2016. In 2019 he'll be easing us into the weekend, djing at our Thursday night opening party.  

Club Comfort

Club Comfort and it’s residents Baliboc, Roo Honeychild and DJ Selky have, in the last couple of years, flagrantly set a light to Dublin’s party underworld. With a grab bag approach to diverse musical traditions accompanying a focused belief in the importance of the group experience with their conceptually themed parties, the result is a regular moment in which all people are encouraged to feel comfortable and desirable, and to have fun. Their’s is an ethos we feel a certain kinship with, hence insisting that they run wild among the stars on an after-dark Sherkin Island in June.  


Be you a dance-floor enthusiast or a type to indulge in spotting trains, Eliza has got you covered. Going under the radar for too long, the last couple of years has seen Ireland cop itself on to the kinetic selections of Eliza. We already had her do serious damage to an Open Ear dancefloor at our Dublin Christmas party, which was really just priming us and the main Open Ear tent on Sherkin for a serious, bassbin-rattlin’ showdown.

Aaron Dilloway & Vicky Langan

Collaboration is a theme running throughout Open Ear in 2019 and there is possibly none more  intimidating than that of Cork artist Vicky Langan and improviser & composer Aaron Dilloway, co-founder of the notorious Wolf Eyes. Langan’s fearless, boundless commitment to her art will see her create  a human sound loop with Dilloway as she generates noise and sound from her physically intense contact mic interactions with objects such as stones and scratched slates as well as her own body, sounds which Dilloway will then process and respond to. Hold on to your hats for this one, folks. 
(Vicky Langan is supported by Music Network’s Music Capital Scheme, funded by The Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht.)


Though it may seem hard to believe at times, such is the over reliance on social media promotion and PR branded marketing, there is still a world of independent, underground techno existing today, both abroad and at home. This is where you'll most likely find Conan_ lurking. From the brutalist funk of his Xerophkz productions and imprint to the loose-limbed electro-flexxxing of his 12"s on Lunar Disko's LDRX sub-label he's a secret weapon we're delighted to unleash on the Northshore on the coming Friday night of this year's festival. Assault mode engaged. 


Belfast based S>>D, aka The GulfFire aka Sean Dorris, has been producing music for over a decade. In the past releasing an EP and various tracks on ICASEA and more recently; Sheffield's Central Processing Unit. Inspired by a love of John Carpenter, B-movie synth scores and 80s electro, he has put together a live set showcasing some of the electro soundtracks that are throughout his most recent LP 'Co Intel Pro', released in 2018 on CPU.


Based in Ber….no, we’re not gonna say it. Ebauche is the work of Alex Leonard, an Irishman currently living in central Europe; a project wherin Leonard creates a wide array of textured sounds from serene ambience to the chaotic and densely-layered. Ebauche returns home this June to deliver a performance which promises to forage for a space between the subconscious and the present.  


Rustling away behind his machines for many a year now in between co-founding Cork’s LEDGEndary Sunday Times parties, Static.’s work has finally started to see the light of day across Jheri Tracks, Apartment Records and Moot Tapes. Tinges of acid, droning electronics and bass heavy instrumentation finds the music in one moment trying to melt your face, and in another, attempting to give you a soothing head rub.

Aoife O'Neill

Aoife O’Neill is the founder of Out of Space which doubles as both a series of parties - mostly based in Cork but slowly and surely moving across the country - and a radio show on Dublin Digital Radio. Bass, electro and heavy doses of percussion combined with a variety of sounds that jump back and forth between decades reaching back to the 80s vie for space in shaping Aoife’s Dj sets; in order to dance.


When it really boils down to it, we want Open Ear to be a platform for those too often overlooked by other stages and festivals around the country. While it’s not to say that Prun hasn’t slayed his own fair share of dance-floors over the years we still reckon there’s plenty of you out there who’ve yet to experience the searing intensity and skills of The Prunisher in full flow. Not for much longer, mind.

Son Zept

Liam McCartan aka Son Zept is a electronic musician and composer from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Son Zept came onto the electronic scene in 2018 with the release of the Q2B EP on experimental label RESIST. Exploring electronic genre de-construction, power ambient, IDM and electro-acoustic, it was hailed as one of the finest and most interesting projects to emerge from the city in quite some time with support coming from the likes of  Objekt. Composing for a PhD, and exploring the divide between ‘academic music’ and electronic music at the Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC) at Queens University, Son Zept has been uniting the two while also working as a director of the Belfast contemporary art gallery Catalyst Arts. His work has been presented in concert halls, clubs, galleries, specialist-acoustic spaces, fashion shows, and contemporary music festivals. We believe this is his first Island performance though. 


From crates deeper than yours and dub heavier than yours emerges the sounds and productions of T-Woc. Creating low-slung, psychedelic beats from a wildly differing selection of samples layered with analogue warmth and dub studio techniques, T-Woc creates new grooves for the dancefloor and fresh sonic spaces for the brain. Man.


Hot on the heels of love and hot off the heels of returning to Dublin's Jheri Tracks with the typically skewered electrolysis of the May 1932 12" we welcome back long time friend and collaborator SIAS to the North Shore of Sherkin Island. SIAS' work sees him delving across the music and art worlds from his aforementioned club tracks to his work with the Repeater collective and further adventures in the world of sound art and installations. At this year's Open Ear he will take you into some of the further reaches - and probably back round again - of his music collection. 

Kenny Hanlon

Most at home digging through second hand bins or patiently mining the €0-5 filter on discogs, in his spare time Kenny runs Apartment Records out of the front room of his gaff in Dublin 7. As a label Apartment works as a reflection of Kenny’s djing, it’s not really sure where it’s going all the time but does its best to keep throwing you off the scent.

Gadget and the Cloud

Gadget and the Cloud is Kelly Doherty, an experimental electronic artist hailing from Cork, Ireland. Combining simple ambient vibes with subdued, atmospheric beats, she makes songs to sadly dance to. Over the last three years, her music has travelled between ambient soundscapes to experimental beats from her early EP, October 31st to singles off recent debut album, Songs For Sad People To Dance To. She also runs her own show on Dublin Digital Radio. Gadget and the Cloud’s live sets are a combination of ambient, introspective electronic and upbeat synth based dancer moments and we are stoked to reveal that she will be creating a completely brand new live set for the opening concert on the Thursday night of this year's festival. 

101 Beats Per Minute

101 Beats Per Minute is a collection of electronic music producers working in varying techniques and styles. Each week a new track is released through Bandcamp accompanied by a new photographic work by artist David Cleary. 

Each artist was given the brief of composing a piece of music at the tempo of 101bpm and then sharing it amongst the other contributors to create a collective hub for inspiration before release. We’re hoping to create a dialogue between a bunch of music makers who might normally work in isolation, meanwhile shining a light on some of the talent currently exciting us. Each track is anonymously credited to ‘101 Beats Per Minute’ as the artist’s name.

This project will be presented both as a special installation in collaboration with Ambisonic and also as a live performance on the Saturday of the festival, featuring as yet to be announced contributors to the project...

101 Beats Per Minute Bandcamp 


Swapping his turntables for a table of machines and his teeshirt for well, possibly, nothing, Belacqua is the Dj Noid the Droid turned machines-in-meltdown music maker. This is high-wire antics for headbangers that comes on with all limbs (and wires) flailing and goes from there.


The 0ught of N0ught is the point of zer0. NO. N. 0. The zer0 Number. The p0iNt. Zeropunkt. Thursday night at OE 19 sees the return of ¡No! to Open Ear, this time under their new guise, Zeropunkt. While they describe their music as Psych Rock, there are also elements of Jazz in the sparseness of some of their arrangements and drone in their unconventional sonics, with remarkable sounds being rung from familiar instruments.

Ocean Floor

Ocean Floor is the solo project of Aonghus Reidy, a composer of electronic and instrumental music for instruments such as synthesizer, harmonium and piano. Since his debut release 'Jupiter' in 2014, he has released several albums of slowly evolving harmonies and soundscapes, with elements of ambient, minimalist and experimental styles.

Relocating from Galway to Bristol in 2011, his music took a new direction after finding an antique harmonium in a local salvage shop, inspiring music that melds 19th-century music technology with dense clouds of electronic sound and reverb. More recent work includes pared-down piano compositions and subtle electronic soundscapes that make use of the drifting instabilities of analogue synthesizers.

Ordnance Survey

Ordnance Survey is the new collaborative project from Neil O'Connor aka Somadrone. With a new album dropping the day of his performance at Open Ear we are thrilled to showcase this new endeavour that, on recording, featured O'Connor alongside Kate Ellis on cello, John McEntire (of Tortoise, The Sea & Cake et al.) on drums, Sean Mac Erlaine on alto sax, bass clarinet and electrics, and Linda Buckley with vocal processing. We're thrilled to see how Ordnance Survey will come alive as the festival comes alive on the Thursday night.  


SYN is a Cork based Dj and producer, a part of the Flood Trax trio that also includes Doubt and Tension. SYN first dj'd for us at our Ears Open party in Dublin early in 2018. Her drum-driven sound has been seen to cause elements of chaos on a dance-floor, perfect so to help kick things into overdrive on the Friday night of this year's festival.  

Collision Objects

We're huge fans of Fort Evil Fruit at OE. We had a bunch of their artists play the festival in previous years. One of our favourite albums on the label was released just a bit too late for us to include the chap who made it on last year's line-up, a set of circumstances we're happy to rectify this year. Collision Objects' Pracitce & Theory  " comprise[d] five expansive, slow-burning tracks combining generative textures with composed and improvised structures.  and was "Recorded and mixed in real-time with minimal post-hoc edits" Moving from tracks that one instinctively wants to describe as glitchey upon first listen (but you soon realise they've actually got more groove than anything else) to drone music that wold sit proudly alongside William Basinski or Kevin Drumm's Imperial Distortion, it was one of our favourite records of last year. We can't wait to catch his live set for the first time at OE 19

Odd Ned

Part of the Repeater collective and wherethetimegoes wormhole, Odd Ned's first release in January showcased an assortment of spacious, dubbed out soundscapes and murky riddims, sprinkled in detail and texture. Joining the dots by means of pallet rather than genre, Ned's hypnotic sets and radio shows explore the more atmospheric side of dub, techno, house and ambient.

Michael Prime

Michael Prime, who is currently a resident in neighbouring Cape Clear worked for many years as an ecologist, conserving wildlife habitats in South

London. He has developed a variety of novel organic and environmental sound sources for use in his music. These include the amplified electrical activity of plants, fungi, and humans, as well as a machine which uses the controlled production of tiny bubbles as a sound source. Short-wave radio, bat detectors and other means of amplifying the hidden sounds of the environment are used in both his studio compositions and his live performances. For his performance at Open Ear Michael will be utilising the plant wildlife in a yet-to-be-announced area of Sherkin Island early on the Saturday. 

Kate Butler

The aesthetic and buzz of community clubbing is the main source of inspiration for Kate’s DJ sets. In the late 1990s and early noughties in Dublin, she was playing records, broadcasting on Power FM and writing about the local electronic music scene for national newspapers. In 2017, she started a monthly show on Dublin Digital Radio (ddr.), digging into the rave era records that got her hooked in the first place – techno, jungle/dnb, UK hardcore - and finding a new groove in the disorientating futurism of footwork. For the dancefloor, she brings bass, big BPMs, dissonance and euphoria. The Jolly Roger has been warned. 


Bodycam is Michelle Doyle and Declan Synnott. Focused on turning the lens back on those who survey us, Bodycam capture our dystopian surroundings and hold them up for all to see. Taking influence from their punk and noise backgrounds building a sound that is heavy and intense. Bodycam want to build a world of resistance, responding to our current dystopia and making something from it. A call to arms you can dance to. An insurrectionary manifesto.


BB84 is an open door collaboration circling around core members Paddy Shine (Gnod, Tesla Tapes) , Moose (Wild Rocket , Worst, Moose Electronics) and George Brennan (Cholera House, Melodica Deathship).

Crushing drones, Improvised electronic workouts, sparse shards of high end frequencies capable of trepanning audience members and performers alike.

BB84 is open to collaboration at any of their performances. The aim is to soar. With all that in mind, they will be joined by Natalia from Woven Skull on the Saturday of this year's festival. 


Dj and one third of Dip. Cáit has been doing the do for a number of years now, including stopping off at Open Ear back in 2017 where she caused some acid-inflected madness late on the Sunday night. We're expecting something similar but probably a bit different too at this year's festival. Cáit was also responsible for the awesome photography you may have seen on our flyers and posters for this year's festival.


From House and Garage to Hip Hop, Grime and Jungle, Bobofunk aka Johnny Brennan has spent the last 8 years playing in Dublin’s (and further afield) best clubs honing his craft, his kinetic style making his genre-eluding sets seem much easier than they are. This wilful lack of adherence to formula is exactly why we are having Johnny work it for us this year. 

Dylan Kerr

Dylan Kerr is a fine art student currently based in Poznań, West Poland. Working mainly in the mediums of live performance and sound, they deal with themes such as tradition, queerness and religious and cultural identity. Their works very often take the form of ritualistic acts of protest, using performance as a way of healing from both personal and societal trauma, usually relating to sexual violence.

The Troubles

Over the course of his life it’s said that Lou Reed completed 28 successful pelvic thrusts a day. School Tour & Aonghus McEvoy aka The Troubles have filled their guts with fermented rastakraut pasta, stout and charity shop psychedelia for decades now. The resulting murmurations will be specially delivered to and for Open Ear. Slopping out half-cocked notions of folk idioms commingled with punk rock, destroyed electronics and ill-advised ZZ Top impersonations.


The man with the machines, the man with those white labels you never knew existed, Safetyboy is now also the man with the record label, Winthorpe Electronics. The debut EP was the only massive Roy of the Ravers, so we're sure he's got plenty more tracks under his sleeve. A man with a more storied history in dance music than most of us could dream of, it means we'll have little to no clue what to expect from him until the needle hits the wax on his first selection. 


An enigmatic rural dweller whose healthy disdain for industry norms and prescribed notions is felt through his approach to outsider body music and percussion. The ears behind bespoke event and club night OutOut, with many years DJing experience and a record collection to match, Tousist can move floors in a physical and emotional sense. Expect a union of dark and light, old and new, east and west sonic tales.


Lolz is one of the founding members of Gash Collective, which has gone from strength to strength as one of the most important groups in Irish dance music over the last few years, be it hosting all out rowdy parties, workshops or talks. Lolz is no stranger to rowdy dance-floors herself, with her EBM and electro leanings littered, wwith sprinklings of r'n'b, hip hop and pop thrown in just to keep the 'floor unsteady.  

Dabbledoo featuring Amanda Feery & Everyone

DabbledooMusic is an award-winning platform that is revolutionising how music is taught in Irish primary schools. Using an animated and colour-coded system of graphic notation Shane, Killian and Chris are giving teachers the tools to help children perform and compose their own pieces. Always striving to create something new, their third visit to the festival will feature a collaboration with composer Amanda Feery. A graphic score will be interpreted live by Amanda as well as all audience members in attendance, who will be provided with a range of instruments. No musical ability is necessary, just a willingness to get involved!