Accessibility Policy at Open Ear

Shuttle Service
Transport can be arranged from the Ferry to the Festival Site and on Sunday to the other festival specific locations on the Island.

Accessible Camping
Preferred camping spots can be reserved for those with accessibility needs.The site will have a disability only reserved portaloo.

Festival Grounds
A wheelchair specific viewing platform can be provided in the main tent upon pre request.

Please note the festival site takes place on uneven terrain. An attachment like you find here - or similar is recommended for getting around the site. In the case of inclement weather the ground may get muddy and there may be inaccessible areas throughout the site.  Also please note that on the Sunday in the Jolly Rodger pub accessibility is limited.

There will be charging facilities for charging of motorised wheelchairs.

There will be refrigeration facilities for medication storage if required.

A carer ticket can be provided upon purchase of a festival ticket. This needs to be pre-arranged with the accessibility officer before the 25th of May.

Certified Assistance Dogs are welcome.

Any questions or information regarding accessibility please contact

Environmental Policy at Open Ear

The organisers of Open Ear are mindful that Sherkin Island is a unique and beautiful setting for a festival. Because of this, our goal is to minimize the impact we have on the island in order to sustain good relationships with the locals and the environment for years to come. To help do this, Open Ear has developed a number of initiatives for this year’s festival as outlined below. We ask that visitors to the island help us in this, by respecting the land and where possible recycling and reducing the waste they bring.

Waste creation is one of the biggest environmental issues at festivals, but also one of the most solvable. This year we intend to have:

  • Collection stations for non-perishable foods at the end of the festival. This food will then be  later donated to homeless charities in Cork and Dublin
  • We will arrange for perishable food waste from visitors and food vendors to be distributed for animal feed on the island
  • Recycling, Food Waste and Normal bins will be set up across the site
  • Reusable cutlery and dishes will be used by selected vendors

Naturally, festivals use a lot of energy which translates to a lot of greenhouse gases being emitted. To help reduce this, we encourage individuals to share lifts to the festivals to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted. This can be facilitated by posting on our event page whether you can give/request a lift depending on where you are travelling from. Event page here:

On our part, to help reduce our carbon footprint, this year we are powering our generators with bio-diesel. Bio-diesel is non-toxic fuel created from waste vegetable oil. It emits reduced greenhouse gas (CO2 and NO) compared to diesel and is considered to be carbon neutral as it is derived from plants.