We're always on the hunt for the latest folks who have decided for some inexplicable reason to call this rainsoaked sod home. To this end we're delighted to present a solo live set from Marlene Ribeiro, long-term member of Gnod, one of our favourite psych bands (or constellations of musicians as they might be more aptly described).

Gnod members have a habit of making cracking electronic records when not in full jamband wigout mode, and Marlene is no exception. Her work as Negra Branca, which she has released on Tesla Tapes, the outlet for all things Gnoddy, sits nicely alongside the Dwellings and Druss solo projects of some of the other Gnod members. We don't know what to expect on the 21st. Which is just how we like it


Having caught many a FYED performance down through the years at legendary Sunday afternoon hangover exacerbator Second Square to None, we are delighted to welcome back the reformed duo of Ed Devane and Fionn Wallace for a performance they promise will comprise "improvised sound / noise / drone / silent performance that will utilise some unusual creative strategies to invert, consume and recapitulate the spectator / performer dynamic."
Photo credit: Gerard McManus


A4 Sounds' Secret Sonic Cinémathèque is a series of events in which an ensemble of contemporary musicians experiment with the relationship between live sound and moving image, as they create rolling live scores for short silent films specially selected for each event. Each musician serves as band leader for a semi-improvised score for a chosen film, and a further final short film, chosen by the audience by means of a vote on the night for a particular style or genre of film, previously unseen by the group of musicians, is scored live, sight-unseen, by the ensemble, by means of finalé for the performance.

Unlike some live scores events, which seek to recreate the sort of soundtracks which audiences of silent films might have experienced in the historical context of their original showings, the Sonic Cinémathèque events embrace a more adventurous and contemporary take on the relationship between sound and vision. The concern here is more with affect and inventiveness, than strict historicity. Specially created intermission slides before and between films pay tribute to the origins of the filmic source material however, and the lighting and decor of the screening and performance space reference both the aesthetics
of early cinema and the theme of the particular event.

Odd Ned

Odd Ned is the alias of Denis O'Connor, a producer who focuses on dubbed out soundscapes and sparse hypnotic rhythms, sprinkled with detail and texture. With a monthly radio show that explores the more spacious side of techno, house and ambient, he joins the dots by means of pallet rather than genre. Expect heavy sub bass, stabbing synths and subtle nuances.


Title: Entanglements of Gender, Labour and Technology

 In the 1970s, the second wave radical feminist Shulamith Firestone claimed that it would be through technology that humanity would ‘be freed from the tyranny of its biology!’ Firestone’s polemical manifesto, The Dialectic of Sex, imagines a future where forms of social reproduction such as child bearing, child rearing, domestic labour and care-work would be completely re-imagined due to technological progress. Alongside changes to social reproductive labour, Firestone imagines a future where cybernation would see the full takeover of machines - fundamentally altering the relationship between work and wages.

 Firestone was ahead of her time in anticipating some of the technologies that are a reality today, however it is also clear that technological progress and innovation are not inherently liberating. This talk will look at some aspects of the relationship between gender, forms of labour and technology under capitalism.

Michelle Doyle (Sissy)

Artist Michelle Doyle presents a body of research about ways of living and developing culture in the city. How can interest groups come together to help one another? How can co-ops build sustainable communities during a rent crisis? What types of co-operatives are at play in city, how do they work and how can we develop long term community interest groups? Who's doing what?
This presentation looks at present DIY structures in punk and squatting, temporary communities, football clubs, protest groups and eco villages.


Expand :: Conduct is an interactive piece that explores alternative musical instrument interfaces, and the possibilities of playing a modular synthesiser using conductive paint. Paint a patch on the conductive plexi-glass surface, tweak it using control voltages, and mix or distribute different signals around the system with new paint connections. 

Andy Wilson is a synth designer, musician and audio engineer who currently works with www.patchblocks.com, developing interactive audio platforms and technology for the next generation of music makers. He is a member of multi-disciplinary art collective A4 Sounds based in Dublin and in the past year in the past year has exhibited work at audio events in Dublin, Berlin and London.

http://www.factmag.com/2017/07/29/pbmix-3-pocket-mixer-review https://koi326.bandcamp.com


Soundsniffer Workshop

Soniphorm is the commercial outlet for the workshops and instruments of sound designer and educator Ed Devane. 

For our Ears Open event Ed will be presenting a workshop for his latest bit of kit, a preamplifier called The Soundsniffer. This low-cost DIY pre-amp device is suited to sound designers, field recordists, sound installation artists, performing and recording musicians, workshop facilitators and instrument builders. Read HERE for more information on The Soundsniffer.

Ed will present a 2 hour workshop for those who have pre-ordered a Soundsniffer where he will guide you through the build of the kit, all equipment will be provided on the day - all he asks you to bring along is a set of headphones. The space for the workshop is very limited so if you are interested please pre-order your Soundsniffer (cost for kit & workshop is €40) from THIS LINK and we will add you to the workshop


DabbledooMusic is an award-winning music education programme put together by Shane McKenna and Killian Redmonk. Using colour-coding, animated notation and a range of characters, DabbledooMusic aims to get schoolchildren composing and performing tunes together in a highly engaging way, introducing them to everything from trad and jazz, to hip-hop and techno. 

But kids can't have all the fun, so the lads are putting together a special workshop for Ears Open, where they will give us a glimpse into their one-of-a-kind teaching style.


"Pillawers" (interactive sound installation - Van Dyke Browne photographs - mixed media) is a follow-up work to Aegis, a video and sound work made in four countries and in no less than twenty different locations, and during which the installation photographs were shot.

The installation invites the visitor to approach ritualistically, and explore its symbolism, as through sounds and gestures, such acts of communion with the environment are revealed, as matters of sensitivity, befitting a mystical vocabulary.


  • flowers connected to Bare Conductive touch-board, acting as a keyboard
  • photographs hiding patches of conductive paint. When connected to bare conductive touch-board, also connected to a computer, these can act as sensitivity / proximity sensors