Sherkin North Shore
Music for the festival will be hosted on the grounds of Sherkin North Shore guesthouse; a beautiful location with wonderful vistas run by the lovely Kathy and Mike.

Here you will find the Open Ear Music Tent, Food and Camping.


Camping is free with your ticket. The campsite has an awesome view out to sea and over to the neighbouring Heir Island.

Water - We will have taps supplied with spring water from Sherkin Island. Help us reduce plastic and waste by bringing a reusable container.

Waste – Please bring read our Environmental Impact Policy!! 


Bell Tents & Tipis

Please follow this link to book your Bell Tent & Tipis.

Silk Road Tents


The Sherkin Island Ferry

To get to the island you need to take the Sherkin Island Ferry from Baltimore, West Cork. We'll be running a regular service on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the festival. 

Sherkin Island Ferry have kindly offered us a discounted price of €10 Return for festival ticket holders. You can buy your tickets on our ticketing platform.

Getting to Baltimore by Bus from Cork

The 237 Bus travel from Cork City, find timetable here -

Getting to Baltimore by Car

Google Map link -


Food & Drink

There will be a food area supplying Seafood, Meat and Vegetarian options for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Registration & Sweet Shop

On arrival you will walk 2 minutes past the ruins of Sherkin Abbey (c.1460) to our registration station where we will give you your Open Ear Pack and Wristband.  

Here you can buy Sweets and Ice Creams from Sean the Shop.

From here you can take a 2 minute festival shuttle bus to Sherkin North Shore to the main event site. The shuttle costs €3.


Festival Updates

Check out or website, sign-up to our mailing list and facebook for updates.

If you need to get in touch with us, e-mail us at, we’ll get back to you quick smart.


If you’d like to volunteer in return for a ticket for the weekend. Please e-mail


Is there parking at Baltimore?

Yes, it's free but it's going to be busy so get there early or take a bus.

How do I get my ticket?

It should be in your e-mail. We will scan it from your phone or bring a print out.

Are there Day tickets?


What transport is there from Open Ear Registration to the Campsite/Open Ear Tent?

8 Seater Mini Bus: There is an 8 seater shuttle from Registration to the Campsite/ Open Ear Tent, it costs €3

Walking: It's a beautiful 30minute walk from Open Ear Registration to the Campsite/ Open Ear Tent. We will be providing a van to transport luggage so you don't have to carry heavy gear.

When does the festival open?

12pm on Friday

Are there any age limits?

All persons must be of age of 18 or above. With regards to young children, We are happy for them to come along during the day however we don't recommend having children in the Open Ear campsite or site at night. And they must be accompanied by an adult at all times. 

Can I bring my dog to Open Ear?


Can I bring my Campervan to the Open Ear Campsite?


Is there an ATM at Open Ear?  

No however there is an ATM in Baltimore

Can I bring my car on to Sherkin Island?


Is there parking at Open Ear on Sherkin?


Can I cook in the campsite?

Yes - there will be a designated cooking area for campers.

Will alcohol be sold at Open Ear? 

No – we will not be selling alcohol at Open Ear.

Drugs Policy

No illegal drugs are permitted on to the festival site at any time. Any illegal substances found will be confiscated and you will be asked to leave the festival. We want everyone to enjoy themselves in as safe an environment as possible.

Is there a grocery shop on Sherkin Island?

No - make sure to bring everything you need! 

What essential equipment should I bring? 

A Torch 

A Rubbish Bag 

Good Shoes  

Good Tent

Will there be medical care on-site? 

We have a First Aid center and an evacuation plan in the case of an emergency

When does the festival close? 

Check out from the festival is 11am on Monday morning. 


The organisers of Open Ear are mindful that Sherkin Island is a unique and beautiful setting for a festival. Because of this, our goal is to minimize the impact we have on the island in order to sustain good relationships with the locals and the environment for years to come. To help do this, Open Ear has developed a number of initiatives for this year’s festival as outlined below. We ask that visitors to the island help us in this, by respecting the land and where possible recycling and reducing the waste they bring.


Waste creation is one of the biggest environmental issues at festivals, but also one of the most solvable. This year we intend to have:

— Collection stations for non-perishable foods at the end of the festival. This food will then be  later donated to homeless charities in Cork and Dublin

— We will arrange for perishable food waste from visitors and food vendors to be distributed for animal feed on the island 

—  Recycling, Food Waste and Normal bins will be set up across the site

— Reusable cutlery and dishes will be used by selected vendors 

— Discount tokens for your first drink which will be distributed on entry to the site when you present a reusable bottle for the festival.


Naturally, festivals use a lot of energy which translates to a lot of greenhouse gases being emitted. To help reduce this, we encourage individuals to share lifts to the festivals to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted. This can be facilitated by posting on our event page whether you can give/request a lift depending on where you are travelling from. Event page here: 

On our part, to help reduce our carbon footprint, this year we are powering our generators with biodiesel. Biodiesel is non-toxic fuel created from waste vegetable oil. It emits reduced greenhouse gas (CO2 and NO) compared to diesel and is considered to be carbon neutral as it is derived from plants.


Sherkin Island is a site which is steeped in history and unique scenery. To showcase this and bring awareness of the surroundings in which we will be staying, there will be guided walks led by the locals over the course of the festival.