Dublin Digital Radio - Spectral Voices Damned to Air

Spectral Voices Damned to Air will see Dublin Digital Radio, in collaboration with Open Ear, explore the intersections of radio transmissions, digital spaces and the physical location of Sherkin Island over the course of a Saturday afternoon.  

The online radio station will be opening up the Sherkin Community Hall to guerilla transmissions, the stray signals adrift at 51.4661° N, 9.4176° W.

What lurks on the borders of frequencies dominated by mainstream radio stations?

Is online radio an interesting experiment or a necessary break from airwaves conquered by the combined interests of commercialism and the state?

What possibilities do online spaces hold for freedom when surveillance has become the modus operandi of the web?

Broadcasting live at listen.dublindigitalradio.com for the duration of the installation, ddr. want you to participate in their attempt to traverse a contaminated closed air and spying internet.

Áine O'Dwyer - Accompaniment for Captives

Áine O'Dwyer creates live and recorded events which embrace the broader aesthetics of sound and its relationship to environment, time, audience and structure. The notion of a holding space as-extension-of-instrument is a cornerstone of her artistic investigation and the crux of her live performances. Her most recent live works include Civil Twilight (Rhubaba Gallery, Edinburgh 2017),  Down at Beasty Rock (CCA, Glasgow 2017), Poems for Daedalus (Daedalus street, Athens 2018) and Pianowalk (Novas Frequências, Rio de Janeiro 2018). Notable releases include Music for Church CleanersBeast diariesLocustsGegeinscheinGallarais and Poems for play which was released on her publishing imprint Cloch.  After a truly mesmerising performance at our opening concert last year, Áine O’Dwyer returns to Sherkin to continue her collaboration with the island and will present a new performance entitled Accompaniment for Captives

BA Visual Arts, Sherkin Island - SOUNDING THE ANTHROPOCENE

On the 10th– 12th May, BAVAStudents attended a master class on sound art with world-renowned artist and musician Susan Stenger. Through the workshop, Stenger facilitated a collective sound recording with the 1stand 3rdyear students, titled: Sounding the Anthropocene which was of composed micro and macro field recordings across Sherkin island. The student's final composition will be installed in the Sherkin Abbey for the Open Ear Electronic music festival in June. The sound work will be supported by a performative ‘long table’ dialogue in the Abbey, facilitated by artists Jesse Jones and Majella Collins o’ Neil.

The Digital Druids - Yoga For The Eyes IV: Leaving the Cloud

Digital Druids return to Open Ear to provide esoteric and mysterious art. From banners, activated sculptures, painted stones, a VR video library, off grid servers to brain expanding coffee, they will see you through on your journey to higher being.

This year the Druids are seeking an alternative to infrastructure owned by others. Your home is rented, your music is rented - even your computer storage is rented right back to you.

Decentralised this and decentralised that, from Crypto currencies to blockchain networks, decentralisation is the buzz term from managing executives to cyber gurus to self governing autonomous regions alike. Digital technology has put a new fangled spin on collective messing and myth-making that the druids will harness for mutual mass engagement, combining this with the old timey enigmatic and forgotten arts.

Last year the Druids built a Pergola Autonomous Zone - which was a roaring success and arguably the biggest talking point of Open Ear 2018. However the Pergola was destroyed in a fire. The ashes of it are being blend up in a coffee which helps your cognitive function. Open Ear have kindly offered to rebuild a new one for 2019. At 11am on Sunday, followers will meet here to begin a special journey. Everything is subject to change.™

Ambisonics Ireland

Ambisonic sound is a surround sound format which utilises multiple speakers setup around, above and below the listener to give an immersive audio experience.

Ambisonics Ireland are dedicated to researching, promoting and producing immersive audio technologies and content for this exciting, emerging field of audio, once exclusive to the world of academia and high end cinema. They will be setting up in the community center for the weekend where several unique performances and installations will be taking place.

Top of the Field

Róisín Foley (formerly Doswell Gallery) will be bringing artists to a shipping container looking down over the Silver Strand for the duration of this year's festival. Artist Shane O'Driscoll  will produce a series of sculpture's called Island Tings around the island with much more to be confirmed.

Along with this will be works from Dervla Baker, Deirdre Breen, Debbie Godsell, Fiona Kelly, Peter Nash, Natasha Pike, Luke Sisk and many more that will be be making their way to the container for the weekend. 

See you at the top of the field!